Pump Internals

For the pump test laboratories, Conestoga USA, Inc. manufactures a set of vane pump internals which are used as wear specimens in order to judge the anti-wear qualities of the candidate hydraulic fluid or transmission fluid.

Conestoga has spent over 20 years working with ASTM committee members and the labs they represent in order to gain acceptance of the Conestoga pump and to solve the hardware and procedural problems which plagued the original Vickers pump test (D2882, now withdrawn). Conestoga also manufactures a pump housing (B1) which replaces the obsolete Vickers pump housing originally used.  The pump internals are used in ASTM D7043, Standard Test Method for Indicating Wear Characteristics of Non-Petroleum and Petroleum Hydraulic Fluids in a Constant Volume Vane Pump (previously D2882), in ISO 20763 Determination of Anti-Wear Properties of Hydraulic Fluids and in similar Ford and GM tests for transmission fluids. The B1 pump housing was recently accepted by ASTM for use in the D7043 test and is gaining acceptance in Europe for use in the ISO method. Some version of the pump test has been in use for over 40 years and Conestoga is uniquely positioned to service its users for the foreseeable future.

As an adjunct to the B1 pump, Conestoga has fabricated entire pump stands as well as conversion kits which adapt the B1 pump to a customer’s existing pump stand.

Vane Pump Parts

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  • Part #DescriptionVickers Part #
  • B1-6Pump Body
  • B1-2Shaft
  • B1-9Rear Cover
  • B1-6CBody Alignment Key
  • B1-7Pump Head
  • B1-8Head Cover
  • B1-30Pump Mount (Specify Motor Height)
  • 2882-16Shaft Seal (Included in B1-34 Seal Kit)188323
  • B1-35Cover Seal (Included in B1-34 Seal Kit)
  • 2882-18Head Seal (Included in B1-34 Seal Kit)2021
  • B1-36Rear Seal (Included in B1-34 Seal Kit)
  • 2882-20AShaft Key (Included in B1-2 Shaft)
  • 2882-5Cam Ring2013
  • 2882-4CInner Bushing2015
  • 2882-1C
    High Strength Rotor
  • 2882-V12
    Vane Kit (12 vanes)
    Vane Kit for 2882-1D Rotor
  • 2882-10Alignment Pin2020
  • B1-25Wave Spring
  • B1-30NMount Spacer
  • B1-30MAlignment Shims (Assorted Sizes)
  • 2882-4EOuter Bushing2016
  • B1-14Shaft Bearing1704
  • B1-42Head Bolt Washer
  • B1-23Socket Screw 1/4 x 1/2
  • B1-21Head Bolt
  • B1-22Socket Screw #10 x 1/2
  • B1-15Head Bearing
  • 2882-24External Retaining Ring (Included with B1-2 Shaft)98653
  • B1-37Internal Retaining Ring
  • B1-30GBody Bolt
  • B1-30IMount Bolt
  • B1030HBody Bolt Washer
  • B1030KMount Lock Washer
  • B1-30LMount Nut
  • B1030JMount Washer
Part # Description Vickers Part #
B1 Test Pump: Includes Items 1-13, 19, 20, 27, 28-35, 41  
B1-34 Seal Kit for B1 Pump  
2882-34 Seal Kit for Vickers V104 Pump 919005
2882-16C Grey Urethane Shaft Seal  
2882-2A Shaft for Vickers V104 Pump 188328
2882-37 Seal Retainer for Vickers V104 Pump 185078
2882-38 Head Bearing for Vickers V104 Pump 1700
B1-39 Bench Mount for B1 Pump  
B1-40 Bearing and Seal Installation Tool Kit for B1 Pump  
2882-21L Replacement Head Bolts and Washers (Kit of 8)